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NXT Motors

  1. BackXolutions is co-founder of NXT Motors B.V.
  2. Ensured about our mobility problem, we want to combine the fun of riding a motorcycle with the electrification that sits on our doorstep. Obviously, the way electricity is generated, will have a huge impact on whether we - as vehicle designer and manufacturer - can achieve zero emissions, or not. At least, we develop products that deliver zero tailpipe emissions!
  3. Avoiding emissions at the point of using a product - and thus increasing the air quality - in the condesed areas as urban environments and city centers, where many people work and live, is a main driver for electrification. Electrification of our mobility will have a positive effect on city life
  4. Electric motorcycles allow for long distance commutes, and also drags the positive effect of zero tailpipe emissions outside of the city centers.
  5. Check the website for more information : NXT Motors


The Greening Company

  1. Whether they actually want it or not, people are taking a bigger distance from their natural living environment. Nature disappears as people are driven towards living in urban environments.
  2. More brick and mortar. Less nature. More stressful situations. Less opportunity to relax.
  3. Academic research has shown that people who have a view on nature (greenfield, plants, trees) will quicker recover and bring their heart rythm in stressful situations.
  4. Get in touch through the contact page!
  5. For more information, check the website : The Greening Company



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