BackXolutions was founded by David Backx based on a long experience in Product Management as well as Sales and Marketing.

All experience was built-up in international companies and primarily at (European) Headquarters, including:

  • Toyota Material Handling Europe

  • Tennant Company EMEA

  • Verhaert New Products and Services - Masters In Innovation


As Innovation and Strategy Consultant, David is currently covering:

  • ideation sessions on new products, services or strategies
  • feasibility studies on new ideas / concepts
  • guiding development phase of new products and services, and actually bringing these to market
  • preparing strategic product portfolios and business potential
  • strategy development for business growth


Since 2003, David already delivered on development, market introduction and product lifecycle management of more than 10 (primarily industrial) new product lines in European and Globally oriented projects of multinational companies as well as Belgian SME's with international reach.

BackXolutions is eager to support entrepreneurs to develop their company and business ideas in an innovative way, and make them challengers in their market segment.

Regardless small business or large enterprise, BackXolutions is ideally working with multidisciplinary teams as innovations sits everywhere in the company. Secondly, we are always bringing in the entrepreneurial way of doing things ... i.e. pulling activities and teams out of their usual corporate life and putting them in start-up mentality mode to get things moving.


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